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Improving OSR Management

BASF, Monsanto and Yara have developed a technical partnership to address the key challenges UK farmers face when growing oilseed rape.

Yield · Profit · Sustainability

Varieties, Crop Protection & Nutrition in growing OSR all play a significant part. Follow the link below to find out more.

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Oilseed rape is a key crop for the UK agricultural industry ...

... with a strong history and good potential to develop further. At the same time the technical environment is changing, with significant agronomic and legislative challenges which need to be addressed.

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With our strengths in crop protection, plant breeding and plant nutrition, we aim to utilise our know-how and resources to help provide solutions to meet these challenges.


Field Background

Based on the key farm-level drivers of the yield, profit and sustainability the partnership will focus on two key pillars; good management and the need for a sustainable approach.




Protecting OSR through efficient utilisation of chemistry.


Overcoming the challenge of increased resistance in diseases, weeds and insects without the range of chemistry. Use of resistant varieties.


Making the crop less vulnerable to extremes of season and weather.


Making the most of new technologies such as hybrid varieties, the Clearfield system and decision support systems.


Improving fertiliser utilisation, including macro and micronutrients.
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Together, with all our UK customers, our aim is for good knowledge transfer to ensure future success of this valuable crop.

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